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What Can I Expect When I Breed To A Gypsy Stallion?

Gypsy X Thoroughbred
The Thoroughbreds are noted for their heart and stamina, their clean, fine bone, as well as their lofty, floating gait and jumping ability. When you cross a Thoroughbred with a homozygous Gypsy stallion you will produce a coloured sporthorse. The Gypsy Horse influence contributes heavier bone and thicker muscling to the lighter frame of the Thoroughbred. In addition, the Gypsy influence helps provide a calmer, more tractable disposition to the thoroughbred breed. Foals of this cross can be expected to excel in dressage, jumping, eventing, and driving.

Quote from Deirdre at Clononeen farm, breeders of Gypsy Cobs in England.
"Fingers crossed that all goes well with your Gypsy x Thoroughbred, they make wonderful sport horses, great athletic ability and an incredible brain. My late father bred two in particular which both evented at junior international level as six year olds, one was on the British team and the other on the Irish team! "

Gypsy X Warmblood
The Warmblood horses are outstanding in the jumping and dressage arena. They possess the calm nature, heavy bone, and size of their draft ancestors. They are strong and athletic, capable of the rigors of heavy jumping and competition. When crossed with a homozygous Gypsy stallion you would produce a coloured sporthorse. You would be maintaining all the bone and substance and then topping it off with the eye-appealing colour and flash of the Gypsy. A foal of this cross would be a show-stopping athlete.

Gypsy X Feathered Draft
Clydesdales and Shires are known for their great size, spirit, and their animated movement. They also possess the desirable flashy colouring, full feather, and docile disposition. All of these qualities make them priceless in the big show hitches popular today. Crossing a homozygous Gypsy stallion with a Clydesdale or Shire would produce the extremely rare and valuable Drum Horse. These breathtaking horses have the size and stature of their feathered draft parent combined with the colour and feathering of the Gypsy Horse. Their colour, feather, and sensible disposition were qualities prized by the Queen of England when she chose these horses to carry her ceremonial drums. Today, these amazing horses are already making their presence known in the USA in dressage, jumping, and driving.

Gypsy X Friesian
The Friesian breed is prized for its elegant stature, floating movement, and abundance of hair. When crossed with a homozygous Gypsy stallion you could expect an amazing, forward moving coloured athlete. This cross would preserve all the size and self-carriage of the Friesian and wrap it in a flashy coloured coat. A Friesian / Gypsy cross would have TONNS of mane and tail and would also have an abundance of feather. This cross would have boundless potential, and could excel in dressage, driving, and English pleasure to name a few.

Gypsy X Arabian
The Arabians have long been popular for their fire and spirit, animated gait, and endurance. Combine this refinement and personality with the homozygous Gypsy and you would have an amazing coloured athlete. The resulting foal would be a more substantial horse having more bone and muscling, but would carry itself with the proud air of its light horse parent. It would have superior stamina combined with a more tractable disposition. Plus, it would have the flashy Gypsy colouring, an abundance of mane and tail, and some light feathering. This cross would make an awesome, up-headed carriage horse that could excel in combined driving.

Gypsy X Stock Horse Breeds
Stock Horse breeds, such Quarter Horses, are valued for their intelligence, strength, agility, speed, and versatility. A Quarter Horse crossed with a homozygous Gypsy stallion would create a stocky, coloured light draft horse. This animal would be smaller in stature than the larger draft breeds, but would retain much of the draft qualities such as heavier bone and muscle. This cross would be intelligent and tractable, with better stamina and a pleasant disposition. Foals of this cross would be perfect for smaller driving teams, yet they would be flashy enough for use in equestrian events, and solid and dependable enough for use on the farm.

Gypsy X Non-feathered Drafts
Percherons and Belgians are known for their strength, large size, and calm manner. When you cross a homozygous Gypsy stallion with a non-feathered draft breed such as these, you would produce a draft horse with pinto colouring. The Gypsy / draft cross would be slightly smaller and more refined, with a thicker mane and tail, and some light feathering. And of course you would get the prized Gypsy Horse colouring. This cross would accentuate all the wonderful draft horse qualities and capture it in a slightly smaller package. Perfect for driving, parade, or pleasure.

Sourced from Big Sky Gypsy & Drum Horses

What Is a Gypsy Cob?


For nearly 100 years, the Gypsies have bred and used colourful cob horses to pull their ornately decorated carts and living wagons thru the country lanes of England and Ireland. The horses they used were heavy boned and feathered horses, which were strong, sensible, docile, and incredibly hard working. The beautiful colours of these horses were not only pleasing to the eye, but also made them instantly recognizable, which helped to prevent them from being stolen or swapped discretely for inferior horses. The heavy feather on their legs, along with long flowing manes and tails added to the overall flash and flare long associated with the misunderstood and usually discriminated-against gypsy people.

Traditionally, the Gypsy Cob is involved in every aspect of family life, faithfully pulling the caravan wagon by day, while still being patient enough to teach the gypsy children to ride when the day is done. The horses are tethered at the campsite with the family caravan when they are not working.  They live and thrive in all types of weather grazing on the grasses that happen to be growing along the side of the roads. The heartiness and exceptional disposition of these horses are their trademarks. They are known for being one of the most docile and gentle horses in the world.


In the USA, the various types of gypsy cob's have come to be known by several different names. Irish Tinker, Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, Romany Horse and the like, are all names used to describe the type of horse which gypsies have bred and used in the British Isles for generations. Although many horses of similar type are bred indiscriminately in Europe, the most sought after type of gypsy horses are bred by generations of gypsy families, who have prized and guarded bloodlines that produce the highest quality horses imaginable.
Information from Black Forest Gypsy Horses

Why Breed To A Gypsy Cob?


The Gypsy Cob is a medium-sized draft breed. It is a versatile, highly intelligent, gentle athlete. The Gypsy Vanner Cob possesses the large bone and foot of its draft horse ancestors. It is a short-coupled horse with tremendous strength and stamina for its size. In England, it is typical for a Gypsy Cob to trot all day pulling the family’s heavy living wagon. They are also used successfully for fox hunting and jumping. The Gypsy Cob has the calm, quiet disposition of the cold-blooded horses. Their sensible nature makes them a perfect choice for nervous adults, trick training, children's mounts and many more. They are calm and adapt easily to any discipline.

In addition to its physical attributes, the Gypsy Vanner possesses lovely colour and tremendous hair. They come in a variety of pinto patterns and colours. Most typically they are black and white with brown or blue eyes. The thick, luxurious manes and tails combined with the flowing feather give the Gypsy Vanners a magical quality. The have a proud carriage that exudes confidence and power.

A fairly new breed to Australia, although already Gypsy Vanners and Gypsy crosses are making their mark in the USA in driving, dressage, low jumping, and pleasure riding. Their size and work ethic enables them to be successful in any discipline. Best of all, with their extraordinary colour and hair they are breathtaking at anything they do!

Sourced from Big Sky Gypsy & Drum Horses

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